Transforming Point of Care Testing

Nanōmix develops portable systems for Point of Care (POC) testing to provide timely laboratory quality diagnostics at the point of interaction between the patient and healthcare provider.

point of care carbon nanotube biosensor testing solution
Nanōmix POC testing solutions utilize an innovative platform incorporating highly sensitive, low cost carbon nanotube (CNT) biosensors that can be used for a wide range of assays and sample types. The automated system consists of a handheld reader and an integrated self-contained assay cartridge that houses the biosensor.

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Next Generation in Cardiac POC Testing

Chest pain is the second leading cause of admittance to Emergency Departments in the US. An early and accurate diagnosis is key to achieving improved patient outcomes by allowing earlier treatment intervention. NanĊmix has developed a POC testing solution for use in the Emergency Department and by pre-hospital First Responders in the field to speed the diagnosis of acute Myocardial Infarction. Find out more.